History of Thanksgiving

Use the following links to answer the questions about the history of thanksgiving.

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Origin of the first Thanksgiving
1. When did the first pilgrims leave England?
2. How many passengers were on the boat?

3. Originally, Thanksgiving was a holiday to express what?
4. When is Thanksgiving celebrated in America?
5. What other four countries is Thanksgiving celebrated in? (scroll down near the bottom)

The Pilgrims and America's first Thanksgiving
6. Why did the pilgrims leave their native England in the first place?
7. How long did the pilgrims have to work to pay back the price of their trip?
8. Who was the first Indian the Pilgrims talked to?
9. List three things that the Indian Squanto taught the Pilgrims.

Google's "History of Thanksgiving"
10. When was the first Thanskgiving held in America?
11. When was the second (and most famous) Thanksgiving?

Watch the "mayflower.mov" on your computer: Macintosh HD > iMovie Folder > Mayflower.mov
12. How big was the Mayflower? Width: _________ Length: __________
13. How many decks did the Mayflower have?
14. Did the Pilgrims get to go on the top deck to hang out?
15. How many people were on the Mayflower (Passenger Breakdown)?
16. Did the Pilgrims land where they were supposed to? Why or why not?
17. How long were the Pilgrims on the boat to comlete their journey?
18. How many people died the first winter?

When you are done with the questions, try playing some "Thanksgiving Games"

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