Spanish Speaking Countries

We are going to use this web site to explore and answer questions about the Spanish speaking countries of the world.

Use the map to list each of the 21 spanish-speaking countries and its' capitol.

6th grade - pick your favorite country and answer the 3 questions.

7th & 8th grade - pick your favorite three countries and answer the questions.

Clicking the country on the map takes you to a web page that will help you answer the questions. This is what you will see:

Click the globe to see the
Spanish Speaking Countries

Where to go
When to go
Money & Costs
Climate & Weather
Form of currency
Art, literature, & music
Major Cities
Cost of travel
Major Attractions
Seasonal activites & events
Economy and Industry

1. What is the most important fact to remember about the weather in the southern hemisphere?
2. What do Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar and Manuel Puig have in common?
3. What is the name of the dance that is representative of this country?
1. What two cities are the only ones larger than Mexico City?
2. What Spanish conquistador shattered the Aztec empire?
3. What do Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueros and José Clemente Orozco have in common?
1. When is it hurricane season in Belize?
2. Who were the first inhabitants of this country?
3. What is another name for the national dish known as the “Royal Rat”?
1. What animals could you see in The Chaco?
2. Which month is the coldest in Paraguay?
3. Who were the original inhabitant of Paraguay?
1. According to legend, when did Bolivian civilization begin?
2. When is Bolivia’s high tourist and major fiesta season?
3. What other language is spoken in this country besides Spanish?
1. What is the legal currency of this country?
2. What two things is mestizo a blend of?
3. What French artist spent his childhood in Lima?
1. Who stands guard over the city of Santiago?
2. Who was assigned the task of conquering Chile?
3. What is the official religion of this country?
Puerto Rico
1. Puerto Rico is a territory of what other country?
2. The U.S. dollar is sometimes referred to as what in this country?
3. What are three typical Puerto Rican musical instruments?
1. What are the four biggest events celebrated in Colombia?
2. Who is the most well-known Colombian author?
3. Approximately how many other languages are still used in this country?
1. What percentage of the population lives in poverty in the Honduras?
2. When is Honduras’ winter season?
3. What is this country’s legal currency?
Costa Rica
1. What does the name Costa Rica mean?
2. What animals would you see if you visit the Tortuguero National Park?
3. What crop has brought wealth to this country?
1. Why is Léon called the “intellectual” capital of Nicaragua?
2. Describe the two seasons of this country.
3. What poet is known as the “Prince of Spanish-American Literature”?
1. When are the local beaches most crowded in Cuba?
2. On what date was Cuba sighted by Columbus?
3. What is the most popular from of Cuban music?
1. What does the name Panamá mean?
2. What is “La Peregrina”?
3. What is the U.S. dollar known as in Panamá?
1. What are the four geographical regions of this country?
2. What monument marks the equator?
3. What is the only Incan site that remains intact in Ecuador?
Dominican Republic
1. On what island is this country located?
2. What dance form is considered to be the people’s expression?
3. What is the national sport and passion of the Dominican Republic?
El Salvador
1. What is the second largest city in El Salvador?
2. Why is it easier to visit this country in the dry season?
3. What is the legal currency of this country?
1. What is the main attraction of Uruguay?
2. Who were the original inhabitants of this country?
3. Name two national standards (dishes) of meat in Uruguay.
1. What is the legal currency of this country?
2. What is one of the greatest works of fiction of the 17th century?
3. Where and when was the guitar invented?
1. Name the following natural wonders:
• South America’s largest lake _____________
• South America’s third-longest river ________
• World’s highest waterfall ______________
2. What does the name Venezuela mean?
3. Who is known as “El Liberador”?
1. What is the legal currency of this country?
2. When did Guatemala gain its independence from Spain?
3. What examples of Mexican food can be found in this country?

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