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Welcome to Mrs. De La Jara's Home Page

What is your name? Heather De La Jara

What's Your Birthday? April 1, 1975

Where were you born? Orange, CA

What Schools did you go to? I attended El Modena High School, Santa College, Cal State Northridge and Long Beach State. I received my Masters from National University.

Why did you choose to teach? I enjoy working with kids and I love being physically active. I want kids to appreciate the importance of being healthy and physically fit.

How many years have you been teaching at MacArthur? Since 2004 and I am looking forward to many more.

Have you ever taught anywhere else?(if so where) Yes, Lathrop

What is your favorite hobby? Running, Swimming, exercising my dogs, and most importantly...spending time with my family.

Have you ever done anything crazy in your life? Yeah... I became a teacher :)

Do you teach any clubs at MacArthur? I coach after school sports.

What is one thing that you enjoy about working with the kids at MacArthur? The student's positive attitudes and willingness to learn.

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